Roysdon BZFlag Homepage

BZFlags is a free, open source 3D tank game. It has clients available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. is a server I run for family and friends to play on. We feature maps like Lego Land and Camelot.

BZFlag Installers:

How to connect to the Roysdon BZFlag server:

  • Download and install one of the BZFlag installers above
  • When the game loads, select Join Game
  • Callsign: Pick a Callsign (a nickname)
  • Password: No Password
  • Team: Automatic (until you learn the ropes)
  • Server:
  • Port: 5154
  • Email: Your Intials
  • Arrow back up to Connect and select it.
  • (Don't click Start Server, nor Find Server)

Lego Land



Whenever you are playing, depending on the timing and setting of the game, the game may end and disconnect you. You just need to press ESC and Connect again after 10-15 seconds. Typically the game resets every 15 minutes (on the hour, 15 after, 30 after, 45 after).